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We are living in the most challenging, yet greatest years mankind has ever seen. For the first time in history, each one of us has the power to change the world like never before. However, at times, the weight of our global challenges can be paralyzing. We can easily become overwhelmed and fall into a state of depression. This is even more true as media coverage mainly focuses on doom and gloom messaging, bombarding us with all the problems we face. ​

​At NYADO, we want to highlight emerging solutions, which are already generating impact all over the world. We believe this can help people get involved in co-creating a positive future worth striving for.

So, how can we reach the masses with a message of hope? How can we engage with new audiences that have so far been left out of the conversation about our future? Entertainment – the most powerful and universal medium humans share.

Our focus is to transform the purpose of mainstream entertainment. We harness the power of its accessibility, infusing pop melodies and Hollywood motifs with positive messages. We create impact music films that unite people around global causes, featuring the leaders of these movements and building a story around their innovations. We design inspiring audio-visual experiences that energize people. And finally, we mobilize these people to take action that generates measurable impact on the ground.

“The ecologists will only be able to make their voices heard if they speak the same language as those whom they wish to convince.”

Bertrand Piccard