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Social Business

NYADO is a social enterprise, which means that we utilize a business mindset and tools to ensure the financial sustainability and longevity of our work. We treat each one of our music films as a venture with its own tailored business model that is directly linked with maximizing social impact. Any profit generated from our productions is redirected towards social and environmental projects.


NYADO’s music films are more than just powerful musical and visual creations. Their core objective is to inspire and mobilize the general public into action that produces measurable positive impact. Our productions are supported by companies and organizations that have pledged and proven to take tangible game-changing actions to solve some of our world’s most pressing challenges. In turn we celebrate them in our campaigns.


By changing culture, you can create lasting impact. NYADO uses mainstream mediums and universal themes to penetrate popular culture, bringing attention to global issues and transforming the narrative around them. We also leverage the diversity of our international collective. Each member brings the richness of their culture to our work, making our messages relatable to a wide audience. Together we create something truly global.

We are living in the most challenging, yet greatest years mankind has ever seen. For the first time in history, each one of us has the power to change the world like never before. ​

​It all starts with the desire to contribute our strengths and help humanity reach its fullest potential. More and more people are finding ways to answer this call. All around the world, people devote their time to solve environmental and social problems. They are the changemakers and pioneers of the 21st century.

So how can we connect the visions of these pioneers to the people? What enables us to feel united around one message, one feeling, one experience? ​Music – the most powerful and universal language humans share. ​And that’s what we do in NYADO. We feature these pioneers and build a story around their visions. We design music films that work like anthems, uniting people around the identity and the energy of the project.

Our core mission is to then harness that energy, that inspiration and translate it to profound and tangible outcomes on the ground. These inspiring audio-visual experiences are linked to action campaigns that motivate viewers to get involved and become active partners in creating tangible and measurable positive impact.

“The ecologists will only be able to make their voices heard if they speak the same language as those whom they wish to convince.”

Bertrand Piccard