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NYADO is a collective of artists and entrepreneurs joining forces from all around the world. We use the power of art to inspire and mobilize people to action. Our team grows and shifts constantly – attracting advisors, artists and changemakers from the specific field of interest of each campaign. We are a dynamic network of different languages, ages, cultures, passions and goals. We work over the internet and meet for events, productions and live performances.

Idan Abrahamson

Israeli singer, violist, composer and music producer. Idan creates various genres of music and has worked and performed in Israel, USA and Europe.

In NYADO: Co-founder, artist, executive producer

Edoardo Segato-Figueroa

Italian composer and writer, passionate about storytelling innovation, mythology, science and technology. Sound designer, performer, actor and activist.

In NYADO: Co-founder, artist, executive producer


Kenyan singer-songwriter and multi-award winner, a bright and influential voice in the East African music scene and a daily inspiration for thousands of people.

In NYADO: Artist, singer & Kenyan ambassador

Tim Rimbui

One of East African leading music producers, sound engineer and songwriter. 

In NYADO: Music producer & sound designer

Marco Antonio Attisani

Ambassador of SDG 6 for Lavazza, serial TEDx speaker, social entrepreneur. His Watly became our spaceship and his vision became our Mission to Earth. Unrestrainable!

In NYADO: Executive producer, advisor & vision partner

David Humphrey

Serial traveller, artist and investor. 30 countries in 4 years, working and studying within sustainable development. Joined Mission To Earth without looking back.

In NYADO: Executive producer

Onn Halpern

360° artist: director, video-maker, editor, photographer, web and graphic designer, musician and composer. Onn’s core passion is cinema,

In NYADO: Director, director of photography, editor

Ori Ben-Shabat

Digital artist in 11 Hollywood productions and technology director of the Maria Kong Dance Company. 

In NYADO: Digital artist

Lilach Ben-Ari

Israeli adventurer, taking part in many artistic projects. With a bachelor degree in fine arts, she now studies 3d modeling and VFX in Israel.

In NYADO: Assistant director, co-director of photography

Racquel Jaclyn Segato-Figueroa

Singer, actor and all around performance artist from Hawaii. Passionate about urbanism, environmental sustainability and social business. International development professional.

In NYADO: MTE Campaign Manager

Lukas Posegga

German Economist and Humanist. Social Business professional & advocate, dedicated to transforming the global economy by engaging world leaders, corporates and youth.

In NYADO: Ambassador & social business advisor

Roei Simantov

Social entrepreneur, involved in engaging children in literacy and storytelling, international leadership programs and a platform to legitimize blockchain initiatives for social good.

In NYADO: Advisor

Enrique Spacca

Italian graphic designer, multi-instrumentalist, conceptual artist. He’s been leading NYADO’s graphic department. He lives in Switzerland 100% sustainable.

In NYADO: Graphic designer, illustrator

Roni Levy

Sustainable Development Professional. Middle East, Africa and Australasia. Passionate environmentalist, expert in International Development and Social Entrepreneurship.

In NYADO: Impact Director

Giorgia Vezzani

Grades and passion for Political Science and Environmental Sustainability. She lived in Denmark and is now finishing her 2nd degree in Ferrara University.

In NYADO: Market research, communication strategist

Nicola Steen

British changemaker. She’s worked for decades in sustainability all over the world. She likes networking and bringing folk together to innovate.

In NYADO: Sustainability advisor, networker

Bonifacio Spinola



Human accelerator. Radar of good ideas. 

In NYADO: Vision and business partner, networker

Divaldo Rezende

Former Secretary of Tocantins State for Environment & Sustainable Development in Brasil. UN Consultant. Serial advisor, entrepreneur and publisher in circular economy.

In NYADO:  Advisor

Godfrey "Gado" Mwampembwa

Tanzanian political cartoonist, animator and comics artist. He is the most syndicated cartoonist in East and Central Africa, a great inspiration for many artists.

In NYADO: Visual & conceptual advisor

Javier Aranzales

Harvard, professional ballet dancer, Colombian emigrant. These identities inspire his commitment to youth & global development through arts education & CSR.

In NYADO: Head of coreography, performer

Catherine Enane

Actress, singer, dancer. Managing Director of The Theatre Company of Kenya. Creating a dynamic, professional and passionate society about  the theatre culture in Kenya.

In NYADO: Actress, performer

Aurelian Rodney Wachira

Kenyan engineer and artist

talented videomaker

Ambitious, exuberant, ambivert and creative.

In NYADO: Actor, drone operator

Carolina Prandelli

Field-based project management for Red Cross in Africa; Migration Data management; Experience in assistance of refugees in destination country. 

In NYADO: East-Africa ambassador, logistic

Jessica Harnoy

Experienced in animation, illustration and post production. Strongly interested in storytelling, film-making, social justice work and environmental conservation.

In NYADO: Post-production, digital artist