1 June 2019

The NYADO collective has launched the Mission To Earth campaign with a world preview of the Mission To Earth music film and live performance at the closing ceremony of the UN’s Global Festival of Action in Bonn, Saturday 4 May.

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NYADO is a social production house, devoted to driving positive global action through music and visual arts. Following with a handful of previews in different sustainability and innovation summits around the world, NYADO will be releasing the music film this summer.

After being sent from the collapsing earth on a last attempt to find a new planet for mankind, three astronauts find themselves doubting their mission. They decide to go back to earth where they find a surprising new reality.

NYADO founders Idan Abrahamson and Edoardo Segato, co-star in the video alongside Kenyan singer-songwriter Phy and solar water purifier Watly.

Inspired by Italian visionary entrepreneur Marco Antonio Attisani, Mission To Earth is an innovative production, striving to reveal a new narrative for humanity in the 21st century, focusing on the ‘good things’ happening around the world. 

“The Mission To Earth song was co-written and produced by NYADO’s founders Edoardo Segato, Idan Abrahamson, Kenyan singer-songwriter Phy and award-winning Kenyan producer Tim ‘Timwork’ Rimbui. The music film was directed by filmmaker Onn Halpern with the special effects created by Hollywood digital artist Ori Ben-Shabat.”

Following the release of the music film this summer, the Mission To Earth campaign will continue on NYADO’s social media pages where many more pioneers from the social and environmental movements will be featured.  Every Sunday, a new video from inside NYADO’s spaceship will storytell the visions of pioneers such as Professor Muhammad Yunus and climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Hannah Messenger, Global Events Manager, UN SDG Action Campaign about Mission To Earth: 

‘Mission to Earth demonstrates the power of the creative sector to amplify messages to new audiences. The creativity, focus on collective action and the return to humanity that is encapsulated by Mission to Earth, provides an exciting addition to this year’s Festival.’

 Public release date of the music film will be announced mid June. For previews of the full version of the music film and interviews with the team, please get in touch with Giorgia Vezzani, NYADO’s Communications Manager.

Giorgia Vezzani

Communications Manager

Mobile/WhatsApp: Italy +39 3472377115 | Skype: giorgiavi1|

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Who is NYADO?  NYADO is a social production house – an international collective connecting artists and changemakers to create mainstream content, designed to reach out to the general public and inspire them about social and environmental action. 

What is a NYADO anthem? A NYADO anthem is a new way to drive human society towards a brighter future. It is a mix between a song, a short film and a social campaign, in which fiction and reality merge to create a compelling audiovisual experience.

A NYADO anthem takes inspiration from a real story in the modern world, looking at it from the perspective of future generations. Storytellers have been portraying the past and the future since the dawn of mankind. NYADO reveals the incredible stories and ideas of the pioneers who will one day be seen as the legends of our times.

Where was the launch? UN’s Global Festival of Action takes place in Bonn annually and provides a dynamic and interactive space to showcase the latest innovations, tools and approaches to scaling up and broadening the global movement taking action towards sustainable development. Global Festival of Action website

Social media follow on –  Welcome to join the NYADO community on Instagram and Facebook. Following the release of the music film, each Sunday, NYADO will share a new video featuring a changemaker or a group  to explore and celebrate their work within the social and environmental revolution.

More anthems?  Following the Mission To Earth campaign, NYADO has already started the production of their next anthem.



Singer Songwriter and Kenyan Ambassador of NYADO

Born in a tiny village in Kenya’s Rift Valley, Phyllis “PHY” Mwihaki Ngetich has overcome amazing hurdles to be at the front and center of Kenya’s music scene. In just a few years, she won the national star search TV show, released two albums under Kenyan record label Ennovatormusic, won national awards and has become a daily inspiration for thousands – All of this while studying at the University of Nairobi. Since she joined in 2018, Phy has become a core member of NYADO and has been taking an active part by publicly promoting her genuinely inspiring life quest.

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Idan Abrahamson

Idan Abrahamson is an Israeli singer, violist, producer and entrepreneur. In the last few years Idan has worked with different projects in Israel, USA and Europe. In January 2018 Idan renounced a scholarship from a Jazz school in New York and went to Kenya to start NYADO. In 2019 he will be releasing his debut EP. 

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Edoardo Segato

Edoardo Segato is an Italian writer, singer and artist. He works in popular science, music production, theater and CSR. Passionate and active in the interactive and interdisciplinary use of arts and technologies as new social tools.

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Marco Antonio Attisani
CEO & Founder

Ambassador of SDG 6 for Lavazza, serial TEDx speaker, social entrepreneur. In 2013 he founded WATLY – a social enterprise working to provide clean water, green energy and access to the internet through special technologies, which he calls ‘thermodynamic computers’. In 2018 Marco Attisani became NYADO’s first partner and his Watly 3.0 became the spaceship of the ‘Mission To Earth’ music film.

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