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an international group of young creatives dedicated to driving positive impact through different arts, media and campaigns


What We Do


Pre-production, production & post-production of films, shorts, music videos and ads. sound design, soundtrack, songwriting, music production.


Concept development and impact strategy for campaigns, copywriting, graphic and web development, storytelling consultancy.


Live music performance, creative and corporate workshops, impact entertainment, public speaking and educational toolkit.

We make content and design impact-generating campaigns to engage new audiences with the world’s most pressing challenges and drive positive change.

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Humans have always used the power of storytelling to capture the essence of history in fantastic tales of adventure and lore. NYADO does the same. Our projects present positive, solution-based narratives; messages of hope spreading the good things happening around the world – from social and environmental projects to technological innovations. We reimagine these moments in history as if they were the legends being told by future generations, creating fictional worlds that speak to the truth of our time. For each campaign we bring together artists, advocates, NGOs and businesses to rally behind the cause. With the power of pop music and Hollywood-style filmmaking, we turn these leaders into icons, their messages into flags and their stories into legends.

Our Partners

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Projects by NYADO